Bill Does Sports Massage Therapy!

I am happy to be doing massage again at Woodstown Massage Boutique! I was gone for a while, recovering from a wrist injury. I spent that time furthering my education and studying new techniques.


My “massage style” has changed and I want to let you know what I’m doing now.

I now practice Sports Massage Therapy. This type of work involves finding areas of pain and movement restriction, then treating those areas to restore normal functioning. 

Sports Massage helps you to remove restrictions, increase flexibility and perform at your best!

The client wears gym shorts and a T-shirt or sport top. There is no need to get undressed for this therapy session, this isn’t Swedish Relaxation Massage. This type of work is more like the manual therapy at a Physical Therapy clinic. The advantage to working with clothed clients is that I can include more stretching and myofascial techniques that work better without massage oil.

I do a quick assessment to determine areas of concern. Then sore points are treated with massage techniques such as trigger point work and cross fiber friction. This will then be followed by therapeutic stretching to increase range-of-motion and restore flexibility. At the end of the session I give the client “homework”, such as demonstrating stretches that can be done at home and other self-care tips.

If you would like more information about this type of therapy please contact me at, or call  609-233-9400.

I look forward to seeing you at Woodstown Massage Boutique!


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