Pregnancy Massage at Woodstown Massage Boutique – 4th trimester FREE!

It’s a lot of fun for a therapist to work on a pregnant woman. Both mother and baby benefit from massage, whatever the stage of pregnancy she’s in.

First trimester, mom’s still a little in shock, especially if it’s her first baby. She may feel disconnected from her developing fetus although this is the fastest growing stage for our little one. During massage at this stage, there is a little more room for therapeutic massage of the back and neck, legs and arms. Mom gets to relax and, in turn, so does baby.

Second trimester, mom’s energy is better, and hopefully symptoms are passing…baby’s starting to show. There may be no physical discomfort to speak of or there may be a head under her ribs or a knee on her bladder. When pregnancy massage during the second trimester is given the client usually lies on her side with a few pillows offering comfort.

Third trimester is the doozy. Back aches, swollen ankles, belly stretched to the max. This is the prime time for some comforting massage and just a few minutes’ peace. Many women at this age aren’t sleeping too well.

So – YES! massage is great for pregnancy…. “No one deserves massage more than an expectant mother”. Right?

Well, how bout post-partum Mom?

Now she’s up several times a night, sore, tired, and dealing with a demanding baby. That’s why we offer the 4th trimester free. If a woman had 3 prenatal massages at Woodstown Massage Boutique, we’ll give her a free massage once the baby’s born. As long as she comes in before the baby turns 3 months old…that’s the only catch!

She’ll feel better getting in touch with her body, and get some restful Me Time.

Please share this blog with anyone you know who’s expecting a bundle of joy… Thank you!

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