Migraine Headache Relief Naturally

Migraine Headache Relief Naturally

I notice the weather summary now tells you if you’re likely to have a migraine headache.

So, if you do, what then? I, as well as millions of others in holistic health, know that there are natural products that are cost effective and have virtually no side effects.

1.  Botanical extracts. I have several suggestions, but one key is to apply oil to the base of the skull. Specifically, lavender or peppermint are known to have benefits of increased circulation and analgesic effects.

2. Massage. Of course during a migraine it’s difficult to tolerate, and mostly contraindicated. But a good management technique is to receive neck, scalp and facial massage on a regular basis. I suggest half-hour weekly sessions for those suffering several times weekly. Massage can not only help eliminate trigger points that may cause the headaches, it also provides relaxation and stress relief. It increases blood flow to the brain, strengthening the connection between the body and mind.

3. Hot foot bath. If you get an “aura” or if you’re in the early stages of a migraine and are in the right setting, placing your foot in a tub of hot water pulls the blood to your feet, away from your head.

4. Food diary. Keep track of your eating through the day and how you feel both 20 minutes afterward, and 2 hours after each meal. Also, track your pattern of waste elimination. Headaches can often result from a sluggish digestive system. You also track your headaches: frequency, duration and intensity (on a scale of 1-10, say). Pretty soon you can identify triggers like sugar, processed food, caffeine, and work to eliminate them. If taking away a trigger takes away your headaches, it’s worth it, right?

I could go on, but want to keep it simple and encouraging!


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