Massage helps relieve pain.

So…some people think that there are little options besides getting an operation. And that’s not their fault; they’re just listening to their doctors.

Trouble is, most physicians will perhaps tell you to see a physical therapist and if that doesn’t work an orthopedic specialist (yep, he’s the one with the knife, or laser). 

So…why don’t massage therapists get a stab at these folks? Because people aren’t aware of one simple fact:

Massage helps relieve pain. 

When you consider that 90% of the body’s pain can be isolated to the soft tissues, massage should be the #1 Go-To! 

My recent client thought he was headed to the operating room, and that was about 3 months ago. He can now lift his arm above his head and comes in routinely for more maintenance, if you will, since he’s recovered much of his range of motion.

So Please…! If you know someone in pain, tell them to come to their senses and send them to Woodstown Massage Boutique.

Our therapists are expertly trained in pain relief.

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