Lavender Oil is popular

Lavender Oil is popular – WHY?

Lavender is recognized all over the world for its relaxing properties, but there’s so much more!

1. Stress and Sleep Aid – used topically or as a room mist, lavender helps calm brain activity and promote sleep.

2. Skin Repair – If you get burned (from the sun or the stove, or…?), put some lavender oil right on the skin (as long as there’s no open wound).  Repeat 2-3 times daily for a couple of weeks and you’ll recover more quickly and with less pain.

3. Bug Bites – Soothes the itch and inflammation of bug bites.

4. Minor Cuts – Drop lavender oil into cut to clean wound, kill bacteria, and stop bleeding.

5. Dry Skin/Dandruff – Apply oil to scalp or dry skin to relieve symptoms.


One whiff will tell you why lavender oil is popular, come by the boutique to check it out!



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