Infrared Sauna

Our infrared sauna is comfortable and accommodating.infrared sauna
Infrared sauna therapy is an ideal compliment to your wellness routine.

Setting us apart in the area as the only local spa with infrared therapy, one must enjoy our sauna to experience the difference. Comparable to those found in doctors’ offices but a bit more comfy, our session comes complete with color therapy lights and fully customizable heat levels. Hot or not, these lights do the trick.

Sauna Sessions last about 30 minutes at $12 each.

Customize Your Infrared Sauna Experience.
Customizable health goals include: weight loss, skin health, cardio workout, detoxification, pain relief, or relaxation. Enjoy alone or with a friend while surrounded by gentle warmth in this generous-sized sauna. Hydrating facial cloth and color therapy make this experience truly relaxing.

Did you know that your detoxifying sweat is twice as productive in the infrared sauna as in the gym? That means while you relax here, the guy across the street is working twice as long to get the same detoxifying effect. Whether you’d like a little help with detox, weight loss, or simply de-stressing, we’re here for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Pacemakers and other health equipment that’s implanted make this session unavailable to the guest. Please ask your doctor if this therapy is right for you, if you have any questions. Most people with high blood pressure are advised to avoid the heat of the sauna.

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