Massage Helps RSIs (Repetitive Strain Injuries)

By Bill Martin / October 22, 2014

Do you have a Blackberry thumb or an iPod finger? Wrists ache from typing or mousing? Is your elbow still swollen from the last time you played golf? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you have a repetitive strain injury (RSI), also known as an “overuse injury”. RSIs result from […]

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Pregnancy Massage Helps

By Bill Martin / October 16, 2014

Pregnant women are seeking out massage to help ease the discomforts of pregnancy. During pregnancy the mother’s body goes through many changes and pregnancy massage helps tremendously! “Pregnancy is trendy. From expectant celebrities on the covers of People and Vogue to national television features on the do’s and don’ts of the pregnant state, the experience […]

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Skin Care Treatments at Woodstown Massage Boutique

By Bill Martin / October 14, 2014

Many people think of pampering and relaxation with facial and skin care treatments, but there are also several health benefits.  Skin care treatments deep clean the skin, increase circulation, and slow the skin-aging process. An attractive appearance also increases self-confidence. Facials: Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize Every facial follows this basic sequence: 1) Cleanse the skin […]

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Hot Stone Massage – Luxurious Therapy

By Bill Martin / October 8, 2014

Hot Stone Massage is a luxurious form of thermotherapy, which is the application of heat to the body for pain relief and health. Heated stones are glided over the muscles, providing a deep, penetrating heat that results in a state of deep relaxation. Hot stone massage causes the blood vessels to open up, increasing circulation. […]

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Massage Helps Fibromyalgia

By Bill Martin / October 2, 2014

Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) patients experience widespread muscle pain and an overall feeling of fatigue. They are considered to have fibromyalgia (FM) if they have eleven out of eighteen “tender points.” Tender points are chronically sore and tender to light touch. Sleep disorders, headaches, anxiety and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are other symptoms of fibromyalgia. Patients […]

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Chair Massage – Feel Better in Fifteen Minutes!

By Bill Martin / September 30, 2014

Chair Massage is a quick massage that is done with the client seated and clothed. Most treatments average 15 minutes with a focus on the upper body. The back, neck, arms and hands are treated with soothing strokes and acupressure.   We use a special massage chair that is designed just for this work. The […]

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Massage Helps Arthritis

By Bill Martin / September 18, 2014

Arthritis causes pain and stiffness in the joints, and gets worse with age. The affected joints will also feel hot and swollen. Regular massage can help this painful condition. “Regular massage of muscles and joints, whether by a licensed therapist at a spa or by self-massage at home, can lead to a significant reduction in […]

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Infrared Sauna Melts Your Cares Away

By Bill Martin / September 16, 2014

               A sauna is a small wooden room that is heated enough to cause sweating. Muscles warm up and soften due to increased blood flow.  Metabolism speeds up and pain subsides. Relaxation sinks in as cares melt away. Sauna is an ancient Finnish word that means bath or bathhouse. […]

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Have A Spa Party!

By Bill Martin / September 9, 2014

Do something different for your next celebration. Pamper your guests with massage and day spa services. They will love it! Have your Spa Party at Woodstown Massage Boutique, reserve it for your own exclusive use! Staff will be on hand to cater to all your spa requests. Massage Boutique has several rooms so treatments can […]

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What Is A Sprain?

By Bill Martin / August 28, 2014

A sprain is a stretch and/or tear of a ligament (a band of fibrous tissue that connects two or more bones at a joint). One or more ligaments can be injured at the same time. The severity of the injury will depend on the extent of injury (whether a tear is partial or complete) and […]

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