Knee Replacement Guide

By Bill Martin / July 29, 2014

Thinking knee replacement? Check out this slideshow.

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De-stress with Massage

By Bill Martin / July 28, 2014
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Natural Sunburn Relief

By Bill Martin / July 25, 2014

“Aloe Vera is without question the most popular of all sunburn remedies, for good reason. The cooling, soothing gel of this beautiful succulent plant provides almost immediate relief for sunburn pain. Some studies have shown that aloe vera enhances skin healing after burns.”  

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Massage for Seasonal Allergies

By amy / July 24, 2014

Massage for Seasonal Allergies

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Woodstown Massage Boutique featured on

By J2@dm1n / March 27, 2014

read the article here

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Don’t Envy your Massage-Loving Friend, Try Woodstown Massage Boutique!

By amy / February 20, 2014

Don’t Envy your Massage-Loving Friend, Try Woodstown Massage Boutique! Chances are, you know a massage enthusiast. He or she takes care of self with regular massages.       Do you ‘envy’ them?           Why not see what the fuss is about?                Been there, […]

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Massage helps relieve pain.

By amy / February 1, 2014

So…some people think that there are little options besides getting an operation. And that’s not their fault; they’re just listening to their doctors. Trouble is, most physicians will perhaps tell you to see a physical therapist and if that doesn’t work an orthopedic specialist (yep, he’s the one with the knife, or laser).  So…why don’t […]

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The AMTA Code of Ethics

By amy / October 14, 2013

Choosing a professional massage therapy service can be an intimidating decision. With so many options available, how do you know that you’re selecting the right service, or that the massage establishment you choose will treat you with professional courtesy? When discussing treatment options with any massage therapist, they should be very clear about the code […]

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Organic herbal remedies at WMB

By amy / October 11, 2013

Natural remedies and treatments can provide many benefits to the human body that improve upon those that are passed on through therapeutic massage. Cleansers and oils that exclude chemicals are more gentle to all skin types. These natural ingredients improve the health and strength of the human skin, especially when those ingredients are organic. The […]

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Massage Therapist or Masseuse? Itʼs more than semantics.

By amy / October 3, 2013

Iʼve been touching people all my life, and 13 years ago I became a licensed massage therapist. In all my years, I have been fortunate enough never to have been asked directly to perform a service that a “masseuse” does. But is it really luck? Or is it professionalism? The answer is more the later […]

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