Massage Helps Arthritis

By Bill Martin / September 18, 2014

Arthritis causes pain and stiffness in the joints, and gets worse with age. The affected joints will also feel hot and swollen. Regular massage can help this painful condition. “Regular massage of muscles and joints, whether by a licensed therapist at a spa or by self-massage at home, can lead to a significant reduction in […]

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Woodstown Massage Boutique Offers Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

By Bill Martin / September 17, 2014

Woodstown Massage Boutique owner, Amy Martin (Staff Photo by Cindy Hepner/South Jersey Times) South Jersey Times By Kelly Roncace on March 27, 2014 at 8:00 AM, updated March 27, 2014 at 8:14 AM When Amy Martin was a young girl, she always found herself rubbing people’s necks or popping people’s shoulders. “My sisters would rub my […]

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Infrared Sauna Melts Your Cares Away

By Bill Martin / September 16, 2014

               A sauna is a small wooden room that is heated enough to cause sweating. Muscles warm up and soften due to increased blood flow.  Metabolism speeds up and pain subsides. Relaxation sinks in as cares melt away. Sauna is an ancient Finnish word that means bath or bathhouse. […]

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Have A Spa Party!

By Bill Martin / September 9, 2014

Do something different for your next celebration. Pamper your guests with massage and day spa services. They will love it! Have your Spa Party at Woodstown Massage Boutique, reserve it for your own exclusive use! Staff will be on hand to cater to all your spa requests. Massage Boutique has several rooms so treatments can […]

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What Is A Sprain?

By Bill Martin / August 28, 2014

A sprain is a stretch and/or tear of a ligament (a band of fibrous tissue that connects two or more bones at a joint). One or more ligaments can be injured at the same time. The severity of the injury will depend on the extent of injury (whether a tear is partial or complete) and […]

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Reflexology Helps Your Aching Feet

By Bill Martin / August 26, 2014

“Oh, my aching feet!” Do your feet hurt? Are you tired of it? Reflexology can help you. Yes, it is “foot massage” but there is a science and methodology behind it. So what is reflexology exactly? Merriam-Webster defines it as “a method of relieving pain or curing illness by pressing on particular parts of a […]

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Sports Massage – Perform At Your Best!

By Bill Martin / August 21, 2014

Sports Massage Therapy can help you train harder, perform better, and recover faster! Sports Massage enhances athletic performance, whether you’re a weekend warrior or training for the Olympics. Sports Massage increases muscle flexibility and blood circulation. Sports Massage decreases muscle pain and stiffness. Sports Massage helps you perform at your best! According to the American […]

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Thai Herbal Compress Ritual

By Bill Martin / August 18, 2014

Did you know that Woodstown Massage Boutique can magically transport you to Thailand for a while? Relax and let the exotic and enticing aromas of the Thai Herbal Compress Ritual transport you to an ancient Asian world. This treatment uses a blend of Thai herbs in a muslin pack. These compresses are rhythmically pressed into the […]

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Massage Helps Parkinson’s

By Bill Martin / August 14, 2014

Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive nervous system disorder characterized by tremors, muscle stiffness and slowed movements. Michael J. Fox’s diagnosis dramatically increased public awareness of the condition, and recently it has been reported that Robin Williams was in the early stages of the disease. Parkinson’s Disease is primarily treated with medication, but massage and exercise […]

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Eucalyptus Oil Helps With Allergies and Congestion.

By Bill Martin / August 5, 2014
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