The AMTA Code of Ethics

Choosing a professional massage therapy service can be an intimidating decision. With so many options available, how do you know that you’re selecting the right service, or that the massage establishment you choose will treat you with professional courtesy?

When discussing treatment options with any massage therapist, they should be very clear about the code of ethics to which they adhere. The connection between massage therapist and patient should be a personal one that both parties can respect. At Woodstown Massage Boutique, you can be sure that we’re very focused on creating a relaxing atmosphere while following some very basic rules and regulations that puts all of our clients at ease.

Many industry organizations publish a code of ethics that provide a great roadmap for operating a professional massage therapy service. The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) is one such group that offers a publicly available Code of Ethics document for anyone interested in learning more about the career of massage therapy. Anyone seeking entrance as a member in the AMTA is required to follow these rules and regulations in their own professional practice.

The AMTA Code of Ethics is broken down into a series of principles that members should aspire to and rules they must follow. The principles include offering the highest service in massage therapy that a professional is capable of providing. Members are also instructed to maintain the utmost professional atmosphere in their dealing with clients and to take no actions that could harm the emotional or physical well-being of the self, clients or colleagues.

The rules in the AMTA Code of Ethics relate to a number of actions that organizational members should never engage in while a member of the organization. Obviously, this includes avoiding any conduct of a sexual nature whatsoever while performing massage services on a client. However, members are also discouraged from misrepresenting their services in advertising and misleading customers about their standing with AMTA and other organizations.

Woodstown Massage Boutique is well acquainted with the ethical codes that govern professional practices in the massage therapy industry. Call us when you want a massage service that you can trust with your physical and emotional well-being. From Salem to Gloucester or Cumberland counties, from Swedesboro and Mullica to Vineland and Sewell, we serve clients from all over South Jersey. Don’t you deserve to work with the best?


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