65-minute Massage

Enjoy a vacation on the table!

Experience the luxury of a bit longer massage.

A typical full-body massage consists of bodywork on your back, hips, legs, feet, arms and hands, head and neck. Our therapist blends therapeutic massage techniques to specifically work on the focus areas while balancing the rest of the time with full-body massage.

Most people seek massage on a monthly basis for the best of health benefits. For those interested, our 4-Pack of 60-minute massages is an affordable $240.

Massage can help most people suffering in pain. While one massage can show fairly immediate results, the secret is in a cumulative effect that repeated massage can provide. One should consider coming in frequently to alleviate issues of chronic pain or more immediate recovery of injury or surgery. Our packages are designed to accommodate people who want massage monthly, weekly, or any other frequency. The choice is up to the client.


A man relaxes under the professional care of his therapist at Woodstown Massage Boutique; order your 65-minute Massage today!
Enjoy a massage today!
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