50-minute Massage

The 50-minute massage is sufficient for a full-body session or for more focused therapy, depending on your needs.


A massage session at Woodstown Massage is as individual as you are.

With our extensive training, we listen to what the client expresses as their needs and expectations for the session. With a mind toward results available through soft tissue therapy, our therapist crafts a massage session that is crafted from information established before the massage. Each client is draped professionally throughout the session in our private treatment suite.

Regular recipients know that the cumulative benefit of repeated sessions is what really makes massage work. For those interested, our 4-pack of 50-minute massages is just $250. Massage may be repeated at the desired frequency, whether it’s weekly, monthly or something else. It’s all at the client’s discretion.

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A gentleman receives customized therapeutic back massage at Woodstown Massage Boutique
A thorough back massage can help to restore balance to the entire body.
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