35-minute Massage

A 35-minute massage is a quick bit of relief!

With a 35-minute massage at Woodstown Massage Boutique, you’ll be surprised at how great you can feel! You can even squeeze it in during your lunch break or while waiting for your child to get out of his or her sports practice. When done on a regular basis, even 35 minutes can enhance your wellness routine.

A brief session as this limits us to one or two general areas of the body for massage. Here’s a list of what we might get done in 35 minutes.

Head and Neck
Everyone works on computers and texts on their devices. Sometimes stress settles in without our awareness. We find those knots and work them out gently and effectively. Say goodbye to headaches and stress when you receive massage to the neck, head and face. Great for TMJ, too!

Arms and Hands
Our hard working hands deserve a break. Whether from gardening, cleaning, or more intensive labor, Hand and arm massage is good for carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness and arthritis.

Back Relief
Unwind as the entire back gets the attention it deserves with therapeutic massage. The nervous system distributes a sense of complete relaxation. Aromatherapy oil application available on request.

Legs and Hips
Typically using sports massage on a massage table, pressure points and targeted stretches increase flexibility and reduce pain, including that from sciatica, shin splits and tight hamstrings. Athletes who use weekly sessions stay on their game!

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